Story of My Life

For my first post I thought I would do an introduction to myself and why it has come to be that I have to write a blog for my Industrial Studies module of my BSc Professional Sound and Video Technology Degree.

Long way of saying why I have chosen this direction in my life I guess. I think the fact that I am one of 5 girls out of 64 students in the second year of this degree makes me stand out anyway.

I first got into music out of chance. After choosing my subjects for my standard grades, I was told that two of my subjects clashed. Art and Biology. Seeing as the only thing I knew I could do well was paint, Standard grade Biology was dropped and I was told I could take Intermediate 2 Music instead. (Intermediate 2 being a step-up from Standard Grades.) Don’t worry…no one understands the Scottish Education system.

I think the thing that interested me the most was the abstract way that music could be created and, because of this, I began to compose music myself with no knowledge of notes, scales or time signatures. A hard thing to do when you have to know these basic things to even pass Intermediate 2 music. But, being so interested in the subject my knowledge grew and I was able to achieve an A at Intermediate 2 and a B in Higher Music (the equivalent of an A-level).

After leaving school a year early I moved to Aberdeen College to do and HND in Sound Production and it all went from there.

I found that sitting in a class in school for an hour felt like years, but sitting in a recording studio behind a mixing desk all day felt like seconds. This was what I wanted to do…..

I was considering 2 universities. Portsmouth and Kingston. I think the idea of leaving Aberdeen being quite fundamental. I hadn’t even heard of Salford. One day I get a call from my Dad.

“Turn on 6music and listen”.

Right. Radcliffe and Maconie are raving about a university, right next to their studio, and the BBC, and ITV. This was it. The perfect choice, not too far on the train back home, far enough away for the independent feeling I wanted at University. And, the opportunity to possibly work with my two favourite radio DJ’s!

I hadn’t considered the idea of studying video technology but I have been finding it almost as intriguing, maybe even more at times. The opportunities for work experience have been helped by the fact that our lectures have been there and done that.

And I still get the same feeling every time I sit behind a desk in the recording studio….


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