Aura Optics – Games Changer’s

Powder and Parks

AURA Optics 

     It is not very often that a new and exciting prospect emerges from the smokey lens’ of the snow sports, goggle industry. But Aura Optics are the new kids on the block and they are expected to send shock waves throughout the snow sports industry. Hailing from the snow capped peaks of Salt Lake City, Utah. They plan to stomp their entrance into the big time arena of snow sports But what is so special about Aura Optics? Surely they are just another goggle company that will be shot down by the big giants of the goggle industry? Well if you assume this then you will be extremely mistaken. Aura Optics have changed the game! They are taking personalized goggles to a whole other level. 

The simplicity of Aura Optics.

The name Aura is a good starting point when looking at this brand. The dictionary description of ‘Aura’ is…

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