Mobile Films

This page is dedicated to the work that I have achieved in my Social Technologies module. In this module I have had the opportunity to create films using my mobile phone. This has given me the chance to explore new ways of filming and get a complete different perspective to creativity of filming.

Easter Road Trip

Film about my Easter trip around the UK visiting family. This film is made of 37 vines all put through Instagram. The film is made up of two films. The one on the right is the reverse of the one on the left with a centre point halfway though the film revealing the fact that it is just the same film.

A quirky idea I thought I would try.



The Forced Perspective Project

This was our group project which was based on an idea I posted a while ago about collaborative projects. We spent a month building up videos, contacts and followers that all came together for our final FP film. Id like to say a huge thank you to every who helped from Columbia to New Zealand. Here’s our YouTube channel with all the films that made up the forced perspective project.



Spin the Record

After my first Spin the Record post, I have completed a 30 second video that I was briefed for another Social Technology  project.

Even though I am Proud of the work I have completed, I believe that 30 seconds is not enough time to give the full effect of the work I have done.

Because of this, I have decided to extend the work I have done and will release it on record store day as a celebration to one of my favourite days of the year.



This project was done for the chance to have my film put in the interactive 24Frames24Hours  film showing 2 hours of people around the worlds day side by side.

My film shows me having a day in Peel Park in Salford, Manchester. I found that using my phone allowed me to play with many different shots including being on a zip-wire and swing which would not have been possible with a larger camera.

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