Sound Production

Tears of Steel- Audio Post -Production

Over the past 3 to 4 months I have been working with a group re-designing and re-building the audio from Blenders newest film “Tears of Steel”. This involved using Foley, location sound and MIDI to recreate every movement in this epic short.

The first noise, which was one of our most prided sounds took us 2 hours to make. The rocket engine at the start of the film was made of a kick drum and some excellent vocals from one of our group members.

The kick drum was cut down until the waveform stayed the same when looped. A continuous bass sound for the underlying boom of the thrusters.

Next came the vocals. when deciding the best way too make a rocket noise one option to try, which became our last resort, is to stick one of your team members in a vocal booth with a NT2-A and tell them to make a rocket noise. A pitch-shift, modulator and reverb later, mixed in with the kick drum, and you have yourself one very heavy sounding rocket.

If you want to know how any other sounds were made feel free to leave a comment below.

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